Color Matching Bottles

A couple weeks ago my youngest got a hold of one of my mom’s water bottles and was fascinated trying to put the lid on the bottle.  As I sat watching her I thought we could totally turn this into a teaching craft for her.  So the other day I recruited my oldest daughter and my best helper to assist me in making these cool color matching bottles for Amelia.

This really has to be one of the easiest crafts we have done but I have to say that Amelia loves these better than anything else we have made.   As a matter of fact she started screaming when I tried to take them away to get a picture of the bottles (I
know I should have took the picture first, lesson learned .

Color matching bottle game
Color matching bottle game

We used nontoxic paint for these bottles since my daughter is still in the I must put everything in my mouth phase (and you know she did put the lids in her mouth).  I also had to sit with her at first and explain that she needed to match the colors not
just put any lid on any bottle.  It took a few minutes but she got it.  When she would pick up one colored bottle and the wrong color lid I would say no that is ____ color you want the ____ color.  And when she picked the matching color lid I clapped and cheered and told her great job.    In no time at all she was picking all the right colors, what a fun way to teach her, I think I had as much fun as she did.


  • 4 plastic water bottles with lids
  • 4 different colors of Non Toxic Paint


  • Pour some of your paint into your bottles
  • Shake them up till the entire inside of the bottle is covered in paint (this will also paint the inside of the lids)
  • Set aside to dry then let your child match the lids to the bottles.

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