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Projects for Preschoolers

Father’s Day

Whether Dad is an outdoors man, a sports guy or a hang out and play checkers kind of dad, he always loves getting gifts from his biggest fans. Here you’ll find some fun project ideas for your preschooler to make for Father’s Day as well as activities and ideas for things to do on Father’s Day with Dad.

Father’s Day gift ideas for Preschoolers

Fathers Day ideas for preschoolers

Great preschool ideas for Dad for Father’s Day:

  • Handprint crafts are fun projects that are so special. A handprint keepsake box makes a fantastic one-of-a-kind piece gift Dad will cherish for years.
  • Use the Create your own service at Cafepress to turn your preschooler’s art into a custom mug, hat t-shirt or other unique gift.
  • Take Dad on a treasure hunt
  • Breakfast in Bed – Dad works hard, so let him sleep in a little and then treat him to a hearty breakfast made just for him.
  • A custom golf shirt – make your own special art and transfer it to a plain golf shirt for a one of a kind piece of wearable art.
  • Make Dad a custom can cooler – get crafty and make Dad a drink cooler/hugger that he can take with him where ever he goes.
  • DIY Father’s Day card – here’s an idea for making your own card for Dad
  • Make a silly tie – this coloring page can be used for so many project ideas, especially gifts for Dad

More great Father’s Day Ideas:

Tell me about your projects!
Do you have a project you've created with your preschooler that you would like to share? I'd love to hear about it, better yet, I'd love to help you show off your creativity! Send me an email and tell me about your projects, favorite games, books you love to read, activities you adore or anything else you and your preschooler enjoy doing together. I would like to share your fun ideas with the readers of Projects for Preschoolers - giving you credit, of course! Find out how to submit your projects to!
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