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Projects for Preschoolers

jewelry made of recyclable materials

I was surprised that not only the girls created the most fun jewelry, but the boys were amazing crafters too. Last Saturday we put three fold-able tables together. On the table we had:

Recycled material Jewelry made by preschoolers

- different colors wool or yarn
- different colors of fabric squares (1/2″ x 1/2″) For younger kids an adult needs to cut a small hole in the fabric squares, so the kids can easily pull the elastic yarn through it to make a bracelet or hair scrunchy.
- elastic yarn
- kids needles
- rolled up magazine paper, cut into 1/2″ beads
- cut rings from toilet paper rolls
- glue and washable kids paint
- tin lids (adults can make a hole in them and pull a piece or wool or yarn through the hole to make a necklace with a pendant.
- glitter glue
- plastic beads
The tin lids were a big hit. The kids glued the whole lid and made a mosaic with the beads and glitter on the lids.
Some kids even used pipe cleaners to make bracelets with the magazine beads. Things that I hadn’t thought of before.
You can also poke holes in plastic lids (from milk jugs or juice bottles), so the kids can make a necklace out of them and decorate the lids with beads, glitter and things they cut out of magazines.
Happy crafting!

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My name is Danielle and I'm just amazed how creative kids can be. I'm from the Netherlands and came to the US in 2006. My daughter was 3 months old then. Now she has a brother and we all like to make crafts with recyclable materials. I teach my kids about the environment and how to be creative with it. I have a bachelor degree in Occupational therapy and I've worked with children for 9 years in Germany. Since I have been in the US I still love to work with kids and their parents. I'm working on a non-profit community project here in South East Iowa: a Craft Cafe with Indoor Playground, so families can get together, be creative, learn and play even in the extreme seasons here in Iowa. Every Saturday we have 20 kids coming to our local toy store and craft and play. | Read more articles by Danielle

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