jewelry made of recyclable materials

I was surprised that not only the girls created the most fun jewelry, but the boys were amazing crafters too. Last Saturday we put three fold-able tables together. On the table we had:

Recycled material Jewelry made by preschoolers

– different colors wool or yarn
– different colors of fabric squares (1/2″ x 1/2″) For younger kids an adult needs to cut a small hole in the fabric squares, so the kids can easily pull the elastic yarn through it to make a bracelet or hair scrunchy.
– elastic yarn
– kids needles
– rolled up magazine paper, cut into 1/2″ beads
– cut rings from toilet paper rolls
– glue and washable kids paint
– tin lids (adults can make a hole in them and pull a piece or wool or yarn through the hole to make a necklace with a pendant.
– glitter glue
– plastic beads
The tin lids were a big hit. The kids glued the whole lid and made a mosaic with the beads and glitter on the lids.
Some kids even used pipe cleaners to make bracelets with the magazine beads. Things that I hadn’t thought of before.
You can also poke holes in plastic lids (from milk jugs or juice bottles), so the kids can make a necklace out of them and decorate the lids with beads, glitter and things they cut out of magazines.
Happy crafting!

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