Preschool Word Game

Practice word recognition with your preschooler with these cute word flash cards. Learning to recognize words on sight is an important skill for beginning readers. Play this fun word game and help your preschooler with some beginner reading.

Word match game flash cards
Word match game flash cards
How to play:
First print out the word game flash cards.  Then cut them out.
Turn the cards upside down so you can’t see the words or pictures.
Have your child pick two cards and see if they match.
If the child picks a card with a word, have them sound it out (you may need to help with this).  Until they can read what it says.  Example: for CAT have them tell you the sound of each letter then try and put the sounds together till they can read CAT.
If you do not find a match turn the cards over and try again.  Keep going until all matches are found.


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