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Projects for Preschoolers

handprint crafts

Handprint Autumn wreath

Here’s a quick craft you can create for your Autumn decor or Thanksgiving festivities. Using hand print cut outs, create a wreath with your preschooler that you can hangup to display or use as party of your table center piece. The handprints are easy to make if you have a hand print template, trace your […]

Make hand-print turkeys from colored paper

There are a number of ways to make handprint projects and hand-print turkeys are always a favorite in November. Sometimes preschoolers don’t like the feeling of paint on their hands or aren’t well skilled in using scissors just yet, so this version of the classic hand-print turkey is a perfect solution. For this project you […]

Hand print ghosts

I saw some cute footprint ghosts the other day and decided to try it with hand prints. We had so much fun painting hands and making prints! To make these hand print ghosts you just need white paint, black construction paper and a black sharpie marker. Make sure your preschooler’s fingers are all tightly closed […]

Handprint tree for Autumn

Here is a quick Autumn hand print craft the kids will love! You can get a bit fancier with your version of the project by cutting out a tree trunk from construction paper, coloring more in the scene or using more/bolder colors of paint. For this quick project idea we used finger paint and simply […]

Handprint craft – keepsake box

Hand prints made for some wonderful craft projects you can give as gifts or keep for yourself and cherish for years. This handprint craft project is easy to make for preschoolers and takes very little as far as supplies. You can easily adjust what you do with the finished clay hand print in this craft […]

Tell me about your projects!
Do you have a project you've created with your preschooler that you would like to share? I'd love to hear about it, better yet, I'd love to help you show off your creativity! Send me an email and tell me about your projects, favorite games, books you love to read, activities you adore or anything else you and your preschooler enjoy doing together. I would like to share your fun ideas with the readers of Projects for Preschoolers - giving you credit, of course! Find out how to submit your projects to!
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