Pretty Butterfly Made with a Sandwich Bag

Add a touch of spring with this pretty craft project, Butterfly Made with a Sandwich Bag. You can use any material that you can fit into the bag. Each butterfly craft can be different, fun and unique. Add glitter, tissue paper, fabric and paper scraps. Whatever makes you happy, have fun making these adorable butterflies with your preschooler.

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Make a sandwich bag butterfly
Make a sandwich bag butterfly

Materials you need:

  • Sandwich bags – zipper closing works best
  • Chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Fabric and paper scraps

How to make your own pretty sandwich bag butterfly:

  1. Fill the sandwich bag with all kinds of tissue paper or fabric. Materials that let light in work best if you want your butterfly to “glow” in the sunlight.
  2. Once you have the bag filled nicely, seal it. If you are using non zipper bags, use a piece of clear packing tape to make sure the bag is sealed shut.
  3. Pinch the bag in the middle and wrap a pip cleaner around it. Twist the pipe cleaner and then separate the ends to make antennas.
Make a butterfly with paper scraps and a sandwich bag
Make a butterfly with paper scraps and a sandwich bag

You can add a piece of yarn or ribbon to your butterfly to hang it if you’d like. Add glitter inside the bag and use a glittery chenille stem to add a little extra sparkle. In this photo we used tulle in the bag, the fabric used to make princess tutus. Use bigger bags to make larger butterflies, just make sure to fill them enough to create a kind of puffy butterfly.

Have fun!

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