Recycled materials and preschool projects

Preschoolers love making all kinds of projects so it’s easy to run out of supplies quickly. Try using recycled materials, get creative with how you use your materials and you’ll have more creative fun for much less. Use empty food boxes from cereal, crackers and snacks recycled for project building as well as paint mats and paint pallets. Use different recycled plastics for building great craft projects or  games. Below you’ll find our collection of recycled project ideas.

Recycled project ideas for preschoolers

Most projects, whether new materials or listed or not, can be made with recycled materials. Use recycled paper, newspaper or cardboard instead of brand new paper. Turn old into new by painting or coloring your own way. For example, You can add layers of colored newspaper to create a fun look instead of a single piece of construction paper. You’ll be amazed at the creative crafting your preschooler will come up with when you offer a pile of recycled materials, markers, paint and fun encouragement. Think recycled and re-purposed materials when you look for project ideas. Even when the materials required aren’t recycled, you can often time replace new materials with recycled materials.