Drawing might seem like something we have to have a talent for. As kids we aren’t instinctively born to hold a pencil, it’s something we learn or pick up, literally, as we go along. I think drawing can teach confidence, an ability to use the imagination and a way to communicate beyond words. Preschoolers get so creative with a crayon, pencil or marker in their hand. Here are projects that you can do with your preschooler to encourage their creativity and help them explore their own voice. Remember, there is no right nor wrong with art… it’s all perspective. Run with it!

Some of the projects below are also featuring painting. Painting and drawing work well together. Some might say that painting is simply drawing with a brush… I agree. There are some projects that your preschooler can create by drawing and then applying additional techniques, the finished piece will apear to be a painting. Have fun.

Drawing projects for Preschoolers