Preschool games

preschool games

Learning through play is the primary focus for teaching preschool aged children. Games are a fantastic opportunity to spend time playing with your preschooler while they learn new skills or practice to strength current abilities. By providing games that are age appropriate, with a focus on various skills, your preschooler can learn and grow every time they play!

Tips for finding and playing preschool games online:

  • When you look for activities for your child focus on educational preschool games or games with a focus on a specific skill.
  • If your child has a favorite game, look for similar games to help diversify their experiences or simply create your own variation to their favorites.
  • Encourage play time with both games that require thinking and problem solving as well as games that include movement to help diversify your child’s activities.
  • Make sure to choose games that are age and skill appropriate specific to your child’s abilities. Start young children with easy preschool games and progress into more challenging activities as your child’s skills grow.
  • Although it’s good to encourage challenging activities, make sure your child will have a good opportunity to succeed. Play time isn’t fun if it’s always a struggle.
  • Introduce new game ideas to help your broaden their interests and learn to try new things.
  • Just about any activity can be turned into a game by simply creating a challenge around it such as “who do you think can build the tallest block tower?”.
  • Use every day items from around the house to easily create new games from favorite ideas such as
  • Play online preschool games as well as outdoor games and tangible indoor games with similar themes to help strength core areas of learning.
  • Create a game box that your preschooler has easy access to that includes simple activities they can manage on their own.

Here are some great resources for finding games your preschooler is sure to love.

  • Check out the preschool games we have listed here at Projects for Preschoolers. You’ll find a variety of game types and themes.
  • Online games are another way to learn while playing. There are a huge amount of free games your preschooler can play online.
  • Your local book store should carry a variety of activity and game books specific to preschoolers.

Preschool games