Projects for Preschoolers was developed by by Jen Goode as a way to share the love of creativity, imagination and playing to learn. This site is a collection of art, games, crafts, recipes and other fun activities for children aged 2-5. Jen is a work-at-home mother of 3 and a professional artist always working on something creative. Projects for Preschoolers is where she shares her kid focused projects and ideas while exploring fun new ideas with her own children.

Thoughts from Jen

With kids ranging in age from High School to Preschool, I don’t always have time to stop and create the super cute projects I adore, or make the recipes that I drool over. However, I do try to stop and remember that even the little things are magical in the eyes of a child. Everything is fresh and new and every moment opens the potential of a great new discovery.

As parents we are constantly looking for ways to engage and entertain our young children while helping them learn. We’re always on the look out for ideas that will keep those little hands and minds busy doing something constructive.

Every day there is an opportunity to explore and create something new and exciting. Projects for Preschoolers is here to help inspire those moments… thank you for joining me along the way!

Jen Goode (goodie, like gumdrops)