Recycled Easter Egg Snake

What do you do with all those plastic Easter Eggs after Easter?  In the past I have saved them for the following year, which is great so I don’t have to keep buying them.  But we go to the towns Easter Egg Hunt each year and our Plastic egg supply is getting pretty big.

So this year I decided I did not want to save them all, we just had too many.  But I hate throwing things away so I figured we better make something out of them.  And since Easter is over I did not want to make anything Easter like so we decided to do a snake.  After all the top of an Easter egg actually looks like a snake head doesn’t it?

Recycle your plastic Easter eggs to make a toy snake
Recycle your plastic Easter eggs to make a toy snake

Supplies you need to make an Easter egg snake

  • Plastic Easter Eggs (any number will work, the more you have the bigger the snake)
  • Fishing Line
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Red Foam Sheet


Steps to make your own recycled Easter egg Snake

  1. Separate the egg bottoms from the egg tops.
  2. Now thread your fishing line into one of the bottom eggs and tie it on the inside of the egg (see picture)
  3. Thread all the bottom parts of the eggs first, with your fishing line going in the left hole then the right hole (this will keep your snake even).
  4. Once all the bottom pieces are threaded start with the top pieces, the first one should match up with the last bottom piece so that you can close the egg.
  5. Just like the bottom pieces thread all the top parts with the line going in the left then the right hole.
  6. For you last one you will tie it just like the bottom one.
  7. Now glue the last egg to the 2nd egg.  Then glue on your eyes and tong (cut it out from the foam paper).
  8. Once glue dries just play and have fun with your new Snake toy!


  1. says

    Hello! I love this idea! I am sooo tired of tripping over the Easter eggs my daughters insist on keeping. We are going to make this our weekend project! Thank you.

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