Contributing guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting content for publication on

  • Age appropriate: All content, tutorials and topics must be  geared towards childen ages 2-5 and their parents/guardians.
  • Content type: Content must be activity oriented. Crafts, art, reading, games and other activities for preschool aged children is accepted but is subject to editor approval. Product reviews, destination reviews and other commercial activities may be accepted but must focus on the benefits to the children.
  • Permission to publish: By submitting content you are granting rights to to publish this content for public display. All content submitted will be archived permanently on this site.  You also agree that you own or have permission to submit said content and/or images.

Please include the following in each article submission:

  • Title: Short and to the point but inviting is usually the best way to go.
  • Category: Choose only one
  • Article: Include commentary, insight and any information appropriate for the topic. If you are sharing a “how to”, tutorial style article, make sure to include both the materials needed and the steps to creating the project.
  • Image: Please include an image with your article, if no image is submitted, one will be included for you. I tend to publish images that are 450 pixels wide… this offers a good size for viewing without being too large for loading.
  • Previously published: Previously published may be submitted to If the content you are submitting has been previously published, please make sure to include the url to the original content so appropriate credit can be given.

Please note, all submitted content is subject to editor approval and content may be edited for publishing purposes. This site does contain advertising and product promotion links, so occasionally additional links and recommendations for readers may be added to your article post pages.

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