Make a bug or butterfly net

Next time you are at the grocery store and you have a choice of containers when purchasing fresh product, grab the ones with the netted bags. Combine that netting with a wire clothing hanger and in no time your preschooler will have a fabulous new bug or butterfly catching net! Time for a bug hunt! You don’t need any extra string nor adhesives unless you’d like to decorate the net. In the end you will have a fantastic new activity for your child while using up some recycled goods.

Make a net with recycled materials

What you need to make your own net from recycled materials: 

  • Wire hanger
  • Produce netted bag
  • Standard or pliers

How to make a net from recycled materials:

  1. Straighten the wire hanger. It’s much easier to bend into the desired shapes if you have straightened it first. Don’t worry about straightening the swirly end near the hook, it will blend into the handle.
  2. Bend the hanger into the desired size of net frame, doubling the wire for a handle.
  3. Carefully weave the open end of the netting on to the open end of the net frame mouth. It might seem like the netting won’t fit all the way around, it will, stretch it and bunch it until you fit the entire thing on and then spread it out.
  4. Connect the open ends of the wire to close off the opening by carefully bending one piece around another and squeezing with your pliers.

weave netting on to wire for home made butterfly net

use wire hanger to make home made net

recycled net project

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