Yellow and blue make green clay

No matter how many colors of clay or playdough we have and no matter how many color choices I give my kiddo to play with, there is always mixing of colors and we end up with a whole lot of icky looking brown. So instead of handing out a pile of colors, I provided a little bit of blue and a little bit of yellow then encouraged mixing yellow and blue to make green clay. We used Crayola’s Model Magic clay for this project because it’s very soft and easily molded with little hands. However, any kind of dough or clay should work fine.

yellow and blue make green clay

It only took a few tries of squishing the colors together to see them “magically” make green from the yellow and green.

make green clay from yellow and blue

mix yellow clay and blue clay to make green

The hands on experience of mixing colors can not be replaced by any kind of demonstration nor reading. The kids get so excited to see that they can make a new color all by themselves! Soon we were brainstorming ideas of other colors… which color combinations would result in which fancy new colors.

Mixing colors to make green clay

For our yellow and blue make green day, after we mixed the colors together really well, we made cute clay shamrocks. We didn’t do anything special with our shamrocks, but if you wanted to, you could put a small magnet on the back and put up on the refrigerator.

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