17 Preschool Project items at the Dollar Store

You can find some really great project materials for preschool projects at the dollar store. Here in Denver we have Dollar Tree and I found some great materials to use in a variety of fun activities. Roam your local dollar store and see what kind of goodies you can find.

Preschool Project items at the Dollar Store
Preschool Project items at the Dollar Store
  1. Glitter Glue – you can use glitter glue to pretty up a project or add some sparkle to any project you create.
  2. Divided Compartment Serving Trays – create sorting activities, divide project materials for a specific activity or make up a game to play with your preschooler.
  3. Flip Flops – decorate your own summer fun flip flops.
  4. Dish Soap – make a bubble solution and play outside.
  5. Disposable Roasting Pan – a great container for your dish soap bubble solution. You can also make a mini sand or water play station with these big aluminum pans.
  6. Paper Lunch Sacks – make paper bag puppets, create paper crafts, sort materials or decorate to give a gift to a friend.
  7. Swim Noodles – great for the swimming pool but also great for making a variety of craft projects and games with preschoolers.
  8. Foam cups – fun for stacking, bowling and craft projects.
  9. Floral Wire – use to make bubble blowing wands in a variety of shiny colors.
  10. Foam shape stickers – you can use these in your craft projects or to make your own foam stamps.
  11. Shower curtains – use to cover craft and painting work stations or even your own slip-n-slide outdoor water play.
  12. Bendy Straws – bendy straws always make drinks so much yummier! You can also use straws to make necklaces (with a little yarn) or glue on to crafts. With a variety of colors you could make a sorting game too.
  13. Hoola Hoops – great for play time as well as pretty hoop craft projects.
  14. Clothes Pins – make crafts, hang pictures, even build a tent and hold everything together using clothes pins.
  15. Condiment bottles – great for a fun painting project or water activity.
  16. Mini stampers – these are typically a party favor, but a great addition to your craft box. Perfect for fine motor skill building and crafting at the same time.
  17. Curling ribbon – make signs and banners and hang with pretty ribbon. Use ribbon to decorate art or wrap pretty packages.

The Dollar Tree has a ton of great products just for kids projects, but look beyond the craft aisle to find more ideas you can use with your preschooler. You don’t have to use a product for what it’s intended, get creative and save some money have fun with your preschool projects.

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