Building with marshmallows

Have some fun with marshmallows by just adding toothpicks. Your preschooler can build some amazing structures using their imagination and these easy to find supplies. This marshmallow project will keep the kids busy for a while and is relatively easy to clean up. Tip: If you let the marshmallows sit out for about 30 minutes or so before using. They should seem to go a little stale, forming a slight crust on the outside making them less sticky and easier to handle.

Building with marshmallows and toothpicks

building with marshmallows

We used mini marshmallows for this project and found we could big really large structures rather easily. You could try using larger marshmallows, circus peanut candies, jelly beans or maybe Peeps.

Note: Make sure to demonstrate how to push the toothpick through the marshmallows to prevent injury from the sharp points.

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