Preschool books online

Preschoolers love to be read books of all shapes and sizes. In addition to your own collection of books at home and the options of books for preschoolers at the library, you can find a great selection of books to read right here online. Some websites offer popular or classic children’s stories while others are … Read more

3 animal lover books

If your preschooler loves animals, a great way to encourage more interest in reading time is with animal focused books. Here are 3 wonderful books perfect for preschoolers with a focus on animals. Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert Color Zoo is a picture book. Each image is a collage of shapes and color that create … Read more

The Daddy Book

The Daddy Book by Todd Parr is a fun read for preschoolers. It’s filled with silly, brightly colored illustrations that are sure to bring on a few giggles. The book talks about all the different kinds of Daddies. Kids love look for similarities and point out “hey, that’s like MY Dad”. This book is an … Read more

Read a book, Give a book with

Penguin Publishing has a fantastic reading program that not only encourages parents to read with their children, but in doing so through the website, you’ll be helping to donate books to other children. There are a handful of books to try without a membership and you can choose from a number of organizations that … Read more