Baby Penguins Everywhere!

all these baby penguins - so cute!

Penguins, penguins, everywhere… well, not really in my home, but there are penguins everywhere in this adorable book by Melissa Guion. Baby Penguins Everywhere! is about having fun together but also remembering to make time for quiet alone time too. I think you’ll love this fun little adventure and you’ll adore the super cute penguin … Read more

Kohls Cares with Eric Carle books

Eric Carle Books featured in Kohls Cares

We love Eric Carle books, and now Kohls is featuring a selection of his books as part of the Kohls Cares program. Each book or associate plush toy is only $5 and the proceeds goes to help kids health and education initiatives.

The books included in this program are: “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See”, “The Very Busy Spider”, “Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?”, and “10 Little Rubber Ducks”. Each book has a coordinating plush toy that you buy separately. We love these book collections. The kids love the stories and the plush is a fun addition for your preschooler as they act out the story while you read along.

Eric Carle Books featured in Kohls Cares
Eric Carle Books featured in Kohls Cares

Check out the Kohls Cares program
to find out more and order your own books.

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Inspired by Richard Scarry

Richard Scarry's Busy Busy Town

Did you know… June 5th is Richard Scarry’s birthday! Richard Scarry a children’s book author and illustrator extraordinaire, creator of Busytown. As a child, Richard Scarry inspired my creativity. As an artist, Richard Scarry continues to inspire my sense of detail, character building and imagination. As a Parent, Richard Scarry inspires teaching of problem solving, … Read more

Read Let’s Look: Dinosaurs

Let's Look: Dinosaurs book

Here is a wonderful book all about dinosaurs and written just for preschoolers. Let’s Look Dinosaurs is filled with bright, detailed pictures and written to engage. Some pages include “I spy” mini images to look for throughout the specific page while other areas ask questions or spotlight related items. I found my kids asking their … Read more