Christmas tree match game

Here’s a fun Christmas themed game you can make at home and play with your preschooler just about anywhere. Christmas tree Match is similar to the traditional memory game. Help your preschooler create the game pieces by decorating each tree and then have fun playing with friends. A great game for Christmas parties too.

Christmas tree match game

You will need:

  • Paper – either green construction paper or white paper colored green
  • Crayons
  • Optionally, glue and embellishments such as glitter and sequins
  • Scissors

Make the game:

  1. Download the free Christmas tree match game template
  2. cut out 18 Tree cards, all the same size and shape
  3. with the crayons, draw decorations on each tree. Make a match for each Christmas tree so you will have a total of 9 matching sets. Your preschooler can help you, just make sure you end up with pairs that are similar enough to match for the game.
Christmas Tree match game

Play the game:

  1. place each card face down on a table
  2. take turns flipping over two cards at a time
  3. if the two cards match, the player removed the cards from the play space and takes another turn
  4. The player with the most matching pairs wins.
  5. For younger kids do not allow additional turns when a set is matched.

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