Make a Cardboard Tube Bowling Game with Duck Tape

Make a mini bowling set with cardboard tubes and Duck tape

The next time you think of throwing away your empty cardboard tubes, think about saving them to make this super fun cardboard tube bowling game. You can decorate the tubes however you like. Encourage your preschooler to knock the “pins” down by rolling a small ball toward the tubes. Because they are cardboard, the pins … Read more

Cypher Kids Club Interactive Cards and Apps

Playing Wild Animal Adventure game

Get your preschooler engaged and excited about learning with a fun new product I just discovered. The Cypher Kid Club apps for has 3 free apps you can download from the Apple Store and then use tangible cards to interact with the games that you can purchase from select Target stores. Choose from 3 different … Read more

Alien Buddies iPad preschool game

Alien Buddies iPad game for preschoolers

Alien buddies is an interactive game by Artgig Apps that your preschooler can play on either iPad or iPhone. It has adorable alien creature characters and tons of learning opportunities. The game includes 4 different types of activities, matching, puzzles, dot-to-dot and stickers. Each activity has multiple options as well. You can choose different levels of … Read more

15 in 1 preschool iPad game

15 in 1 preschool game for iPad

The 15 in 1 preschool app for iPad is one of our favorite games. There are a ton of choices for activities that cover a variety of areas including the alphabet, numbers and even the calendar. The songs are fun to sing along with, the interaction is easy for little hands to play. The navigation … Read more