DIY Father's Day card

Easy DIY Father's day cardMaking a card for Dad for Father’s day is a great way to help the kids do something special with very little in the way of required supplies. The kids can add their own special message, color their own pictures and create a card that is perfect for their dad. There are so many variations and ideas of things you can do with a greeting card. Here I’ll show you a simple card you can add to with your own personal touch.

You need:

How to make it:

  1. Print out and color both project pages
  2. Trim edges or cut out as you’d like
  3. glue the Dad is Great coloring page on to the front of one piece of construction paper
  4. glue the make a tie coloring page on to the front of the other piece of construction paper
    DIY fathers day card
  5. Place the tie page, face up, on top of the Dad page, also face up
  6. Punch holes along the left side of the pages
  7. Prepare yarn for threading
  8. String the yarn through the holes and tie with a bow
    make your own father's day card
  9. Add any extra embellishments and sign

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