Explore the outdoors with a treasure hunt

Plan a treasure hunt and make a treasure mapAdd some extra fun to the outside playtime by planning a treasure hunt you can do with your preschooler. You don’t have to spent a lot of time planning but the end result is sure to be a great time! You can either find items that are naturally outside or if you want to plan ahead, you can hide items to be searched for. The fun about this kind of project is you don’t really have to plan much at all. If it’s a nice day just grab the kids and head out into the sun to search for “special treasures” that are in the yard such as bugs, sticks, flowers, rocks, leaves and more.

Treasure hunt planning ideas: 

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  • Make a list of thing to find outside.
  • For older preschoolers consider create a map of the yard with place to find treasures or explore and then a final treasure hideout.
  • Remember to bring along a little bag or bucket to collect the items to bring home and use in a craft project later.
  • Think of items you are sure can be found in your yard or at the local park and then help your preschooler hunt for them.

Some suggestions for items to hunt for:

  • round smooth rock
  • soft green leaf
  • 3 blades of grass
  • Dandelion
  • seashell
  • A Ladybug (don’t keep the ladybug, just observe)
  • a little bag of sand (or dirt)
  • small stick
  • pine cone
  • berries

Side note: Bring a note book to write down things that you find or draw sketches of things that are found that can’t be brought home.

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