Preschool fun – plan a picnic

Plan a preschool picnicPicnics are a great way add an extra activity during meal times and you can plan a picnic for any meal and any location. The change of scenery makes for a great outing that can add new opportunities to learn and explore. You don’t need a fancy picnic setup or elaborate activites planned either. So, pack up a lunch and head for the swings!

If there weather is crummy, an indoor picnic in the middle of the living room can be almost as fun as out at the park.

Your preschooler can help plan the picnic as well as prepare the food to take. Talk to your child about what they would like to do and what they think they’d like to take. Talk about the food as well and the basket (or other picnic carrying container) and blanket and why we bring all these items.

Ideas of things to bring on a picnic: 

  • easy-to-eat, not-as-messy finger foods such as grapes, sliced apples, cheese slices, little sandwiches, etc.
  • plenty of beverages, especially water – picnics usually involve running and playing and those little bodies get really thirsty
  • a blanket to sit on the grass and enjoy the sun
  • easy to carry container for all of your picnic items
  • trash bag
  • wet wipes or damp cloth to wipe off those st
  • treasure hunt list or other fun outdoor games

Side note: This is a great project to practice planning and preparation. Encourage your preschooler help in making the sandwiches, selecting fruits or veggies, and other yummy treats you’ll enjoy on your picnic. Don’t forget the lemonade!

If you want to encourage your preschooler to plan a picnic any time they’d like, here are some great pretend play picnic sets to enjoy any time.

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