Fun noodle crafts

March is Noodle month, however you can have a great time exploring, learning and playing with noodles all year long. Here are some great project ideas featuring noodles to get your noodle thinking about fun activities. Find preschool noodle crafts, games and other fun activities using noodles of all shapes and sizes. For an easy project, pull out the noodles and create sorting activities using noodles.
Noodle crafts and activities

Noodle crafts for Preschoolers

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Noodle Monster
Noodle Monster from Alphamom

Noodle fish
Cute Noodle fish from Thrifty Fun

noodle flowers
Noodle flowers from Crafts-for-all-seasons

noodle lion's mane
Noodle lion's mane from Danielle's Place

noodle tic-tac-toe
Noodle tic-tac-toe from Parents Connect

noodle rainbow
Noodle rainbow from 4 Crazy Kings

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