Funnels make fun water toys

Playing in water with funnel
Playing in water with funnel

Water is  a favorite outside playtime activity as soon as the weather warms up, so finding new ideas for water fun is always something to think about. Simple plastic funnels make great water toys. You can usually find them in different sizes and often times in sets of 3 in different sizes. Combine the funnels with various other containers such as 2 liter plastic bottles, buckets, etc. and you have yourself an extra fun water play area.

Make your own water toy: If you don’t have a funnel, you can make one by using plastic bottles of various sizes. All you need to do is cutt off the bottom and then turn the bottle upside down to use. Try soda bottles (2 liter and 8 ounce sizes), milk jugs and other small mouthed bottles. Make sure that the cut off portion of the bottle is not too sharp or jagged. You can top with some duct tape (when thoroughly dry) to help prevent cuts from the edges.

Show your child how to play with this fun water toy: Demonstrate to your preschooler how to scoop up water with the funnel and watch the water flow out. Or, set the funnel in the opening of an empty 2 liter bottle and then demonstrate how to pour water with a smaller container (such as a cup) into the funnel. They can watch the water move from one container to another. Dump the water back into a large bucket start all over again.Make sure the container the funnel is set in is rather clear so your child can watch the water flow from the funnel into the container.

If you have a water table or a small wading pool, the kids can play in their own water space for hours. Find other containers to use with water both big and small. Make sure each container is easy for your preschooler to manage themself. The water containers should be free of sharp edges and have some kind of handle or are small enough to pick up easily when filled with water. Include spoons and smaller accessories so the kids can experiment with the water in a variety of quantities and volumes.

You can easily play with funnels in both the summer and the winter. If you live in a cold winter area, simply use your kitchen sink or even the bathtub as the play place for water toys. There’s no need to pack the toys up just because it’s cold outside, just limit the number of toys to accommodate the location for the water fun.

Another fun thing to do with the funnels and water: Move the funnel around and watch the patterns of water it leaves behind. Go outside for this activity so there is plenty of room to move and allow for spilled water. A drive way, patio or other flat, plant-free area works best. Scoop up some water and let it flow out on to the sidewalk while you move the funnel around rather quickly. It’s fun to try to make specific shapes with this water activity.

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