Have fun with pretend polishing

Preschool pretend polishing activityHere is a great activity that is sure to keep little hands busy for a while. “Polishing” is a an activity that looks like work, but preschoolers love it! Find small metal or sturdy glass items that are easy for little hands to hold. For extra organizing play, find a small tray or basket that all of the “polishing” pieces can be stored in and carried around. This is another idea of organizing play that I picked up from my time working in a Montessori classroom.

You will need:

  • A soft cloth – a piece from an old t-shirt works great
  • At least one small item such as a bowl, cup or even a votive candle holder.
  • Lotion – preferably in a travel sized container so your child can manage it themselves.In addition to a travel size bottle, here we also had a tub of hand creme.

    Note: Make sure your child has a different container of lotion than your every day use. This will help prevent their attempting to polish everything they want, but rather only the items in their polishing kit with the special bottle of “polish”.

How to pretend polish:

  • Put a little bit of lotion on the cloth and apply to the item to be “polished”. Show your child how they can rub the “polish” around until it’s gone. And “Look how shiney it is!”.

This activity helps create a sense of accomplishment for your child. They are in charge of making the items shiny and they can manage all of their needed tools themselves. You might be surprised to find they begin to look around the house for more items to polish.

Tip: Make sure to encourage your child to put their projects away. This project is a simply activity they should be able to pick up without your help.

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