Make Eating Healthy Foods Fun

Guest post by Kathy McHenry

Children can be pretty picky eaters and will choose fast food over a home cooked meal most of the time. Making healthy food fun is a one way to get them started on healthy foods.

Make Eating Healthy Foods Fun

Here are some tips to get good food inside of your children:

While I’m not a fan of this, you could try sneaking in some fruits and vegetables into foods they already eat. Like pasta sauce, meatloaf, pizzas etc. I say I’m not a fan because I would much rather see a child like healthier foods than be tricked into eating them and not be able to make healthy choices as they grow older.

  • You could be creative with the food by arranging it goofy on the plate. Cut sandwiches into interesting shapes.
  • Let your kids play with their food by creating a story or game about the little vegetables being gobbled up by the giant kids.
  • If you’ve only served canned vegetables, try fresh or frozen. Add a little ranch dressing to a plate of fresh broccoli or cauliflower and you’ll be sure to have a hit.
  • Let your children help make their meals or snacks.
  • Pack a healthy lunch in a small brown bag; throw a blanket in the back yard or even in your living room. It’s a picnic.
  • Name your snacks: celery with peanut butter and raisins is bugs on a log. Take one of those flat sandwich rounds, spread cream cheese on it, then sprinkle it with craisins and call it a ladybug sandwich.
  • Lead by example. Kids do what their parents do, so enjoy a healthier lifestyle and they will to.

You want find creative ways to make your children enjoy eating healthy foods. They will
grow up to be much healthier adults because eating healthy foods will be second nature
to them.

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