Inspiring creativity for preschoolers

Children are naturally and instinctively creative, they just need an outlet to explore it. From pretend play to pretty pieces of art and all the fun in between, preschoolers are little bundles of creative happiness. As the adult, the teacher and guide in this creative adventure, you don’t have to believe you yourself is creative, artistic nor crafty. You merely need to be able to inspire creativity. Open the door to imaginations, encourage the exploring and pile on the praise for all the fantastic discoveries.

inspire creativity for preschoolers

This picture was entirely created by my own 3 year old. I didn’t suggest working on an art project. I didn’t even pull out the supplies. For the past year I’ve created an accessible area full of various creative play and art supplies. I’ve made it organized and occasionally rotate the items available. My daughter knows it’s her cabinet to get into (paint and super messy items are not readily available without my assistance). She can get into her creativity supplies whenever she’d like and it’s stored in an easy to follow way that she can also put it away herself.

If you allow your child to explore on their own without critique, they will explore. They’ll look to you for approval simply by asking you to look at it. Whether cars, cows and smiley faces belong in the scene together or not, let it be. Dogs can be blue, skies can be green and glitter can go in dad’s hairstyle in your preschooler’s fabulous art piece.

So the next time your preschooler is looking for something to do or you want to spark a little creative fun, pull out a pile of supplies, the safety scissors and maybe even a glue stick and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed at the fun they have and the fantastic creations they’ll come up with!

Need help with a supply list?

Here are some items from around the house:

  • rice
  • dried beans
  • cereal
  • cotton balls
  • string or yarn
  • paper
  • buttons
  • paper
  • recycled materials such as cereal boxes, egg cartons and water bottles (with or without lids)

Art and Craft supplies:

  • glue sticks
  • paint
  • scissors
  • stamps
  • stickers
  • colored paper
  • old greeting cards, gift tags or gift wrap
  • gems
  • beads
  • glitter
  • craft foam

and the list can go on and on… Have fun being creative with your preschooler!

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