Make your own bubble wand

As soon as the weather turns warm, it’s time to get outside and play! Bubbles are a super fun activity that kids of all ages love. Preschoolers in particular really enjoy the magic of bubbles. Watch for sales at your local stores or even check out the dollar stores for bottles of bubbles if you don’t want to make your own bubbles. However, finding inexpensive bubble wands isn’t always as easy. So, instead, try making your own bubble wand using a simple metal clothing hanger.


Make your own bubble wand

To make your bubble wand, you just need the wire hanger. Pliers would be handy if your fingers aren’t strong enough to bend the shapes you desire, but not necessary. Start off by straighten out the wire clothing hanger and then bend into a desired shape. Experiment with shapes, however creating a shape that is simple and free of multiple crossing lines seems to work best.

Tip: Make sure to slightly bend the wand handle right at the point where your shape and handle meet so dipping in the bubble solution is a bit easier.

To blow bubbles with your homemade bubble wand, you will need a large, shallow bowl. Make sure it has a fairly flat surface and your wand can fit freely. Using the saucer from a plant pot might work well too, just make sure whatever you use is free of debris.

For extra fun, make an embellished handle using gems or ribbon.

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