Mother’s day craft – cupcake flower vase

Mother's day flowers and vase with cupcake liners craftMake an adorable vase with cupcake liner flowers for Mother’s day. This project allows for a lot of creativity, yet is easy to make for little hands. Your preschooler will love creating this special gift for Mom. This project is created in two parts, the vase and the flowers.

For the flower vase you will need: 

  • empty soup sized can – washed and dried
  • acrylic craft paint
  • paper
  • 1″ wide ribbon
  • glue
  • crayons
  • green tissue paper

Make it:

mothers day craft vase

  1. paint the soup can with and let dry
  2. color the paper and cut a strip of paper approximately 2″ wide, and long enough to wrap around your can
  3. wrap around the can and glue in place
  4. wrap a ribbon around the can so it sits on top of the paper
  5. scrunch up some tissue paper and put inside the can (this will hold the flowers in place)
  6. set aside

For the flowers you will need:

  • pipe cleaners
  • mini muffin/cupcake liners
  • big buttons or plastic gems
  • glue

Make it:

cupcake liner flowers mothers day craft

  1. twist a small loop in the middle of the pipe cleaner to form a leaf
  2. make a second loop at the top of the pipe cleaner, this is where you will glue the flower
  3. glue the cupcake liner, bottom facing down, onto the loop of the pipe cleaner
  4. glue a large button or large plastic gem to the center of the cupcake liner
  5. stick the flower “stems” into the tissue in the vase

Mom will love receiving this cute flower vase and she’ll be happy to know not only was it hand made, but it’s made from recycled pieces and parts as well. Feel free to decorate the cupcake liners with whatever other supplies you’d like. Try glitter, beads or even additional pieces of colored paper to fill the center of the flowers with loads of happy color.

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