Playtime activities with Radio Flyer red wagons make happy memories

Radio Flyer Red WagonI remember as a kid I had a red Radio Flyer wagon at home and a fabulous red trike at my grandma’s house. They were constants in my playtime fun. We’d have races on our trikes and take our stuffed animals for walks. A little older, the wagon was the perfect way to haul all my lemonade stand supplies to my prime selling location. As an adult, the childhood wagon memories were so happy one for me, I even had two ring bearers in my wedding… one pulling the other down the isle in a classic metal Radio Flyer red wagon.

Today kids have so many other options for play… video games, computer toys, fancy dolls that talk and cars that make racing noises. Everything is becoming so high tech, the classic favorites tend to be forgotten. It seems that the traditional toys we grew up with take a back seat in the “my favorite toy” race. Yet, I think every child needs to experience the happiness that can be found in playing outside, racing around on their own fancy red tricycle or carting their stuffed animal pals to the local tea party in a snazzy red wagon.

Over the years the red wagon has expanding to other models including a plastic model complete with seat backs overhead shade canopies and even baby carriers. You can buy accessories such as umbrellas to attach as well, making the wagon the perfect addition to any outing. We take ours to the zoo instead of stroller so the kids can sit together and enjoy the ride.

Little red wagon fun ideas:

  • Take the dolls or bears for a walk in your wagon
  • Share the wagon pulling and wagon riding, have kids take turns riding or pulling around
  • Go on a safari in your Radio flyer wagon
  • Go on a treasure hunt in the little red wagon
  • Plant a garden in the wagon
  • Turn the wagon up-side-down and explore the ways wheels work
  • Collect canned food donations in the wagon
  • Deliver treats to the neighbors using your wagon
  • Go to the zoo with the wagon
  • Collect rocks and leaves in your wagon
  • Use a wagon as a shield in a snowball fight
  • Have a little red wagon party
  • Decor a room with a red wagon theme
  • Build a cool city using blocks and the wagon (upside down) as a foundation
  • Turn the wagon on it’s side and pretend factory or machinery play
  • Draw a picture of your wagon
  • Create a water play station with your wagon

There are a variety of Radio Flyer products to choose from including the classic red tricycle, a cool red “big flyer”, a variety of red wagon styles and sizes as well as scooters and accessories.

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Outdoor play can be so much more fun with just a few added accessories. The classic little red wagon is one of those all time favorites every kid should have the opportunity to experience. Whether you have a wagon at preschool or want one of your own at home, a Radio Flyer wagon is the classic outdoor play toy that will be sure to build fabulous memories for years to come.

Do you have a favorite little red wagon memory?

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