Preschoolers love puzzles!

Puzzles for preschoolPuzzles have been an all time favorite for the preschoolers in my family. From small wood cut puzzles to big floor puzzles, the kids always have a great time putting them together over and over. They love the challange find the right pieces. Puzzles are a fantastic learning game along with a rewarding activity for kids of all ages.

For younger kids, you might want to start with something such as colors or shapes with simple cut out pieces. Wood puzzles with little knobs attached to each shape help build shape recognition and matching skills. You can also find some puzzles that help with color and shape recognition.

For older preschoolers, more advanced multi0piece puzzles are great fun. These types of puzzles can include reading skills, matching and spatial recognition skills.

Puzzle suggestions


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2 thoughts on “Preschoolers love puzzles!”

  1. My preschool-aged boys love doing puzzles. It’s surprising how fast they learn to do them. I was surprised how quickly they progressed to harder and harder puzzles.

  2. That’s fantastic! My oldest still loves puzzles. When he was preschool-aged he really loved the floor puzzles… big with dinosaurs was always a winner!

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