B is for bus coloring page and worksheet

B is for Bus coloring page

Inspired by all the Back-to-School talk, here’s a coloring page and a worksheet combo featuring a school bus and the letter B. you can print out the coloring page alone or try the letter B writing practice sheet. Download the B is for Bus coloring page   Download the B is for Bus coloring page … Read more

Letter B matching game

the letter B with beans

Have fun playing the matching game with only items starting with the letter B. Here is a free download you can use for the game. Print out at least 2 copies of the letter B playing cards, then cut out each card. To play the matching game, lay all the card down fat down. Each … Read more

Things that are blue

The theme this week for Kid Fun Day is the color blue. There are so many shade of blue and a variety of fun direction you can go with this magnificent color. What fun with blue will you create or share this week? Fun facts about the color blue: The color blue is associated with … Read more