Make a marshmallow snowman

Make Marshmallow Snowmen

Make a cute marshmallow snowman with your preschooler. This is an easy to make winter craft using just a few supplies but a whole lot of fun. You can add your own extras, glue on added embellishments or even paint with watercolors  or color with markers. This craft is not meant to be eaten. Materials … Read more

Read Snowmen at night

Snowmen at night

Snowmen at night Caralyn Buehner is a fun story describing what snowmen do after we all go to bed. They have a great time playing and sledding and exploring the town. This is, of course, why when we wake up the day after building a snowman, they look a little worn. Share this fun story … Read more

Snowman coloring page

Snowman and penguin coloring page

Winter joy in the snow, that’s what snowmen are all about. Here’s a cute little snowman coloring page for your winter time activity fun. It’s smiling and happy to see you and right beside him is a cute little penguin just waiting to play. This is a fun page to use as a coloring page … Read more