Exploring Color with Kiwi Crate

We just got our hands on our first Kiwi Crate box and we love love love it! I’ve heard a ton of great things about this monthly craft kit program and wanted to check it out for myself. I couldn’t be happier, it’s a fantastic product with tons of fun just waiting to happen. Today […]

Colour Matching Easter Egg Hunt

It’s no secret, for better or for worse, that Easter means lots of chocolate eggs.  The Easter Egg Hunt is a long standing tradition in many households around the world, so why not turn it into an opportunity to help your preschoolers practice their colours. What you’ll need: Plastic cups Coloured cupcake liners Mini-multicoloured chocolate eggs […]

Rainbow coloring page

Here’s a happy rainbow coloring page you can print out and use for a variety of activities. Color it, cut it, glue it or add other fun embellishments to it. Your preschooler can use this page for a number of fun activities such gluing colored noodles or marshmallows instead of coloring in the bands the […]

Color on popsicle sticks

Coloring is always a fun activity with preschoolers. To add extra fun, try coloring on different materials or with different coloring supplies. Learning to adapt to different surfaces can be fun and useful with writing and muscle strength.Today we used markers to color pictures on Popsicle sticks. Start by glueing the sticks together using a piece of […]