Preschool Art with David Tutera’s 1-2-3 Paper Crafts

Make art with David Tutera's card making supplies

You know I love to recycle materials to make fun preschool projects. I also like to use materials in different ways to help encourage kids to explore new ideas. I was recently asked to take a look at the new 1-2-3 card making systems created by David Tutera which makes it super simple to create … Read more

Fingerprint Art Fall Tree Craft

Fingerprint tree art project for kids

We love painting with our hands, but usually we make handprint art. This time we tried making a project using just fingers and thumbs. Here is a pretty fall tree you can make too by making fingerprints or thumbprints using paint. My preschooler got a little excited about painting, so after a while she started … Read more

Free draw – kitty cat

free draw kitty cat

Here’s a kitty cat my daughter drew when we had some free draw time. She is in a phase of everything she draws looks a little like a person with a cute happy smile. I love them! Sometimes it’s good to just pull out the markers and paper and let the kids create whatever comes … Read more

Toothpick art collage

Toothpick art collage

Sometimes creating art is just about using a material or two and create whatever comes to mind. Today we have a toothpick art collage using just toothpicks and imagination. You can present this project with a theme in mind or use it as free-for-all creative time. Add in extra materials, recycled magazines, popsicle sticks or … Read more

Wet marker salt art

Wet marker salt art

Grab your washable markers, a spray bottle and some sea salt and you’ve got yourself the ingredients for a fun preschool art activity. You don’t need watercolors or painting skills to make art that looks like a painting. Your preschoolers can have fun coloring, making their own designs and then turning them into magical art … Read more