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Happy Birthday

Birthdays are always a great opportunity for your little one shine. It’s their special day to celebrate all of their strengths, talents and things that are uniquely them and share this with their friends and family. They are the spotlight for the day. They get to share what they love with the world while the world comes along for the ride. With fun project ideas, specialty cake decorating and birthday theme ideas, there are an unlimited array of ways to customize your preschooler’s birthday party to be as wonderfully one of a kind as they are.

Special Birthday activity ideas:

You don’t have to have a planned party to do fun things for your preschooler’s birthday. Something special for their day can really add a little extra sparkle in their eyes.

  • Cake for breakfast – birthdays are the only day in the eat we have the excuse to eat dessert first
  • Scavenger hunt – plan a hunt throughout the neighborhood and make sure to let the neighbors know this is a birthday hunt
  • Yard sign – make a special sign to put in the front yard announcing the birthday, for extra fun encourage passersby to honk for the happiness
  • Write a birthday story starring your child and read it to them during the day.
  • Make a special trip to the store and let your child pick the ingredients for the night’s dinner.

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