Create art with potato stamps

Potato stamps are a super fun activity for preschoolers. They don’t require a lot of materials nor expense, yet your kids will happily spend hours creating piles of pictures using these homemade craft supplies. Any type of potato will work, just make sure it’s not too big for little hands to easily manage. Adult supervision is required to create the actual stamps. Your preschoolers will have fun not only stamping but creating beautiful pieces of art they are proud of.

Potato stamp art

You will need: 

  • potatoes
  • knife
  • paint
  • paper
  • paper plate

How to make them (adults only):

  1. Using the knife, cut the potato in half.
  2. Carefully cut away portions of the potato leaving a shape area that will be the stamping space.

making a potato stamp

Use your new potato stamps to create great crafts!

  1. Pour paint on to paper plate for easy stamping.
  2. Kids:Dip the potato stamp in the paint, shape side down and then stamp on to paper.

Activity extras:
Explore shapes and colors with these stamps. What happens if you overlap paint colors or shapes? Can you make a pattern? Explore other shapes around the kitchen to create more fun stamp shapes.

make stamps out of food

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