Cute and fuzzy chick craft

Make a pile of tiny little fuzzy chicks for a fun Easter craft. These tiny little cuties are small enough to fit into the smallest of plastic eggs, but so easy an inexpensive to make, you can make a whole barnyard full. This is a great project to work on fine motor skills too. You don’t have to make these fuzzy chicks as small as I have, feel free to use larger puffs and accessories for easier creation if you’d like.

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make a cute fuzzy chick

Supplies you need: 

  • Fuzzy craft puffs (pom poms)
  • Chenille craft wire (pipe cleaners)
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

Dollar Store pom poms

How to make these fuzzy little chicks:

  1. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and bend into a “V” shape. Glue onto center of puff.
  2. Cut a larger piece of pipe cleaner and shape into a triangle, glue on to base for the chick’s feet (and to stablize the cutie).
  3. Glue eyes in place.

Using these same steps, you could make a whole flock of cute fuzzy birdies!

little puff chick craft

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