Find craft supplies on the seasonal clearance rack

Finding great prices on preschool project supplies doesn’t have to be a chore. In addition to hitting up the Dollar Store or $1 bins at other retailers, check out the clearance racks at your favorite craft stores. I always make a point of hitting the holiday section right before and after any major holiday because whatever items the store has left they’ll discount the prices sometimes up to 75% or more. Get creative and think ahead when scanning the shelves. You might not need Easter stickers right now, but you can make some fun matching games, free choice craft projects and even stencils using out of season holiday items. Stickers, cards, stamps and other small craft embellishments are great items to search for and gra when you find them on clearance. Don’t forget to check the seasonal aisle at your local grocery store, they often have fun craft worthy items you’ll want to grab too. Happy Crafting!

buy clearance art supplies
buy clearance art supplies

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  1. Great reminder – it’s so important to save money – to stretch those dollars to fill our craft cupboards! I also find crafting supplies for next to nothing at garage sales and thrift stores!

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