Great Preschool Game Ideas

Play to learn, that’s what preschool games are all about. Find games that your preschool enjoy but that can teach them something along the way. If you find a game they love, try adding your own variations to mix it up for other fun learning opportunities. Here are some fun preschool game ideas by Nicola Fourie.

These Preschool game ideas are sure to make your kids jump for joy and have a jolly good time.

Hunt the Ring

  • For this game a long piece of string is required.
  • On this a ring is threaded, and the ends of the string are knotted together.
  • The players then take the string in their hands and form a circle, whilst one of the company, who is called the “hunter,” stands in the center.
  • The string must be passed rapidly round and round, and the players must try to prevent the “hunter” finding out who holds the ring.
  • As soon as he has done this, he takes his place in the circle, whilst the person who held the ring becomes the “hunter.”

Hot Tamales

  • The “tamale” in this game is a knotted handkerchief.
  • One player is chosen for the Hot Tamale man and stands in the center of the room while the others sit around in a circle.
  • The Hot Tamale man begins the game by saying, “hot tamales, hot tamales,” at the same time throwing the hot tamale to some one in the circle who must throw it to another player in the circle and so on, tossing it from one to another without stopping.
  • The Hot Tamale man tries to catch it and if he succeeds, the one who last tossed it changes places with him and the game continues.

Frog in the Middle

  • One child is seated on the ground with his legs under him and the other players form a ring round him.
  • They then pull him about and give him little pushes, and he must try and catch one without rising from the floor.
  • The child who is caught takes the middle, and the frog joins the circle.

Enjoy these great Preschool game ideas.

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