Hand colored cupcake t-shirt

You and your preschooler can make your own super cute cupcake t-shirt in less than an hour. You don’t need a lot of supplies and your preschooler can color it however they like! I found a set of two t-shirts on the Target clearance rack, so this cute striped t-shirt was only $1.50. Use whatever shirt you’d like or even add the art to a tote bag, skirt or other fabric item.

Make your own cupcake t-shirt
Make your own cupcake t-shirt

Materials you need:

How to make your own cute cupcake t-shirt:

  1. Print out the cupcake design on regular white paper. Let your preschooler color the picture using markers, crayons or paint.
  2. Copy the image on to iron on transfer paper using a copy/printer. Cut out the design.
  3. Follow package instructions to transfer the image to your tshirt.

Here’s a video to show you how we made our own pretty cupcake t-shirt. My preschooler loves that she colored the design herself and she can wear her shirt to show her art off!

(For a limited time, the cupcake printable stamp is FREE!)


Check out this video to help you make this cupcake t-shirt project:

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