Make a silly bug headband

silly bug headbandBugs are so much fun, they’re creepy, crawly and come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a fun bug themed project your preschooler can make and wear. Even if your child isn’t very fond of bugs, this craft will be a fun craft for them to create. You may need to help twist the pipe cleaners, but show your preschooler and let them try it themselves before you complete it for them. Most preschoolers should be able to to glue and decorate their headband as they like.

You will need 

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Crayons or other coloring supplies
  • Assorted Accessories such as wiggly eyes, glitter

How to make it

  1. Taking at least 2 pipe cleaners, connect them end to end and then connect to make a loop
    pipe cleaner craft
  2. Fold the loop in half so you have a long hot dog shape
    pipe cleaner craft
  3. Bend to make the headband shape. Make sure it fits your child’s head at this point, if not, adjust as necessary. Set aside.
    pipe cleaner craft
  4. Take 2 more pipe cleaners and spiral each by wrapping each around a pencil and then sliding off. Make sure to leave approximately 1″ straight at one end and 1-2″ straight at the other end. Set aside.
    pipe cleaner craft
  5. Cut 4 circles each about 2″ wide.
  6. Decorate 2 circles with whatever accessories you’d like.
  7. Glue your circles to your spiraled pipe cleaner pieces by placing one of the undecorated pieces of paper under the shorter straight edge of pipe cleaner and then placing one decorated piece on top – creating a kind of sandwich of paper/pipercleaner/paper.
    pipe cleaner craft
  8. Now attach each spiral pipe cleaner to the headband piece by twisting it around with the longer straight edge.
    pipe cleaner craft
  9. Wear it!

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