Make hand-print turkeys from colored paper

There are a number of ways to make handprint projects and hand-print turkeys are always a favorite in November. Sometimes preschoolers don’t like the feeling of paint on their hands or aren’t well skilled in using scissors just yet, so this version of the classic hand-print turkey is a perfect solution.

Hand-print turkey made with colored paper
Hand-print turkey made with colored paper

For this project you just need colored paper, scissors and glue plus recycled cardboard such as a cereal box.

  1. Draw a handprint on the cardboard and cut it out, this is your handprint template.
  2. Using the template as a guide, draw and cut out multiple hand-prints from colored paper, I used red, orange and yellow.
  3. Cut out the turkey head, body, beak, feet, wattle (that funny red piece that hangs from the turkey’s chin) and other accents from colored paper.
  4. Have your preschooler put it all together using glue and a background piece of paper, I used brown.

That’s it. Your preschooler can enjoy assembling the turkey pieces and parts using cutouts of their own hand print. Talk about fall colors, the parts of a turkey and for extra sentiment, write thoughts of thankfulness on each hand or finger in the finished art piece.

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