Make your own pizza night

Make your own pizza night is one of our favorite family meal activities. You don’t need a lot of pre-planning and there’s no agenda to follow. Everyone gets to make their own favorite pizza combination, selecting the ingredients they like most. It’s a fun activity that all ages can get involved with. You can buy pre-made pizza crust or make your own, which ever you prefer. Gather a variety of ingredients and set each out in their own bowl creating a buffet style setup for easy access. We like to include a few different shredded cheeses, sauce, meat, veggies and then let everyone have fun creating their own pizza masterpiece.

Make your own pizza face
Make your own pizza face


Someone in the family always seems to make some kind of art piece out of their pizza. While others like to take the opportunity piling on as much as their crust can possibly hold. You’ll want to watch the pizzas as they bake carefully. Depending on hte amount of ingredients, each pizza will cook a little differently. It helps to pre-bake the crust a bit so you don’t end up with soggy dough under all that delicious cheese and sauce. This activity works well with a variety of food choices including vegan pizza.

Happy Pizza Making!

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