Make your own threading cards tips and tricks

yarn for threading cardThreading cards, also known as “lacing cards”, are a fun anytime project that your preschooler can play with all on their own. Kids love this activity. Threading helps work on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills and when they are finished, they have something they can show for their accomplishment.

You can turn just about any flat paper/card item into a threading card with just a hole punch and some kind of yarn or thick string. The thicker the paper, the easier the card will be to manage for little hands. Here are a few tips get you on your way making your own fun threading cards.

  • Use a standard sized hole punch so it’s easier to thread yarn through each hole
  • Tape off one end of whatever stringing thread you choose so the yarn does not fray as it’s being threaded through each hole.
  • Recycle your cereal boxes to use as a thicker card for your threading cards. Simply glue your printout or other paper item to the a cut out portion of your cardboard boxes.
  • Do not punch too many holes as this weakens the edge of the cards causing them to become flimsy and rip with use.
  • Postcards, greeting cards and paper scraps make for great threading cards.
  • Let your preschooler help with making the threading cards. Show them how to use the hole punch, coloring extras on the page, etc.

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