Make your own Heart Threading cards

DIY Heart threading card

Using recycled cardboard from food boxes like cereal or crackers you can make some fun heart threading cards. We used some craft paint and a little glitter paint to make our threading cards extra fancy, but you could use markers, crayons or just the box cardboard if you’d like. This is a fun project to … Read more

Easter Egg Threading Card

Easter egg threading card

Make your own threading card for an extra fun Easter project. Young kids will enjoy decorating their own egg picture. Talk about colors and shapes as they color  their Easter egg. Older children can practice their cutting, hole punching and lacing skills – even try adding extra embellishments like glitter or other cut out paper … Read more

Make your own threading cards tips and tricks

Threading cards, also known as “lacing cards”, are a fun anytime project that your preschooler can play with all on their own. Kids love this activity. Threading helps work on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills and when they are finished, they have something they can show for their accomplishment. You can turn just … Read more