Trunki product review and $75 prize pack from Melissa and Doug

Our newest toy in the house is multi-purpose and both my kids and I love it! We recently received a Trunki from Melissa and Doug to review, have you seen these neat ride-on suitcases for kids? It’s a suitcase/storage box on wheels for preschool aged children. You can store stuff, decorate it, ride on, scoot on it, pull it and have a ton of fun playing on it , in it or with it. You can even decorate it with Trunki stickers so it’s personalized all your own.

Iris Trunki toy by Melissa and Doug
Iris Trunki toy by Melissa and Doug
Trunki Happiness
Trunki Happiness

My preschooler tends to be the purple princess type, so we opted for the “Iris” Trunki. It’s purple with pink wheels and pink horn/handles. The entire thing is made of a very sturdy plastic yet latches and handles are easy for my preschooler to handle and open herself. There’s even a little plastic key that locks the side latches – pretty handy. There’s also a shoulder strap (I think more for mom than kid) that doubles as a pull tether. It latches securely to a loop at the top of the case. My older son had a great time pulling his little sister using this strap.

Pulling dolls on the Trunki
Pulling dolls on the Trunki
Storing toys inside the Trunki
Storing toys inside the Trunki
Riding the Trunki around the house
Riding the Trunki around the house

We received 3 sets of stickers with our Trunki and used just about every last one decorating each side. There are face pieces, eyes, mouths, etc. to give your Trunki a personality all it’s own. There are fun destination travel stickers like the ones you’d put on a suitcase when adventuring around the globe. There are also alphabet stickers which we opted to use in random letter placement instead of spelling actual words.

Cute face on the Trunki with stickers
Cute face on the Trunki with stickers
We love the travel stickers on our Trunki
We love the travel stickers on our Trunki

The Picture on the package of the Trunki shows a few dolls inside, so of course we had to try out the roominess. We have an American girl sized doll who fit fine by herself, if she were bent a little at the waist. The inside is not big enough to hold more than one 18″ doll and her clothes, however.

Here’s a video from Melissa and Doug to see the Trunki in action:



There is a small shoulder bag that doubles as a “saddle bag” covering the riding seat of the closed Trunki. There’s a cute horn built-in near the top of the bag. There’s also a larger shoulder bag that has velcro straps to attach inside the Trunki as extra organizing space, very handy. Finally, there is a carrying case to put it all in. We didn’t get our hands on the carrying case, but I don’t know that we would use it.. how could you admire our fancy travel stickers if it’s all in a case? I think the case would come in handy if you wanted to protect the Trunki from scratches while traveling or storing.

My preschooler is at the higher end of the growth chart and she was able to ride her Trunki with ease. Much taller and she might be too big, but she’s about as tall as the average 5 year old. I think this toy would be perfect for kids ages 3-5.

Iris Trunki toy and accessories by Melissa and Doug
Iris Trunki toy and accessories by Melissa and Doug

The Giveaway

I am giving away 1 trunki gift pack valued at $75.94 which includes:

  • 1 Trunki in the color of your choice
  • 1 Trunki saddlebag
  • 1 Trunki tote
  • 1 set of stickers

This offering has ended.
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Disclaimer: I was provided with product from Melissa and Doug for review. All opinions are 100% mine.

68 thoughts on “Trunki product review and $75 prize pack from Melissa and Doug”

  1. I like the orange one because it has the tiger stripes on it! lol. I like the trunki because my eldest son would be able to tote his favorite toys along with him wherever he went (even if it is only into his sisters room). Also his big sister would be able to pull him around on it. He would be a happy baby. Plus it would grow for them to use with my littlest baby too.

  2. I love the Trunki. Durable and easy for the kids to handle. Fun colors and stickers too. Will sign up for the newsletter today. 🙂

  3. I think my son would love the tiger stripes, and maybe the ladybug for my 1-year-old daughter? (I’m informally trying to avoid saturating her world and my house with pink and purple!) I’m sure they’d both have a blast packing and pulling – and they’d probably be actually Useful on vacation!

  4. I like the trunkie trixie pink. I’ve always liked the trunkie trixies because kids can sit on them. They’re going to sit on suitcases no matter what so you might as well get one that was actually made for that purpose.

  5. I love the Trunki in ruby red..looks like a ladybug 🙂
    I love that you can ride it and pack it…just what my
    daughter loves to do!

  6. I like the orange Trunki because it looks like a tiger! My kids are always going back and forth to grandma and grandpa’s houses on the weekend, and these are the perfect size to carry! Plus, how cute is it that they can ride on it? They’re adorable!

  7. i love Trunki Trixie (Pink) i love that it has many uses that keep a child occupied and easy for a parent to pull along there child i think it the greatest thing out there

  8. I like the red ladybug one! I’ve seen people in the airport pulling their kid along and always thought it was genius. MUCH faster and easier than coaxing a preschooler to stay right by you and not go exploring on her own.

  9. I love the orange one that looks like a little tiger! My 3 year old does too, he came in and said mommy! Aiden wants that or Christmas too! He likes it! He’s always going to his grandma and grandpas and it would be perfect to put his toys and clothes in. I don’t have one but a friend of mine does and she loves it for her girls. My son is also all about decorating and he would love all the stickers to put on it. And when his little brother gets older ill get him one too! It would be so cool to win but if not ill probably buy him one for Christmas, he needs something like it anyways. best wishes to everyone entering to win! 🙂

  10. My 4 yo son would love the orange trunki and timing is purrfect (tiger stripes 🙂 because we’re going to grandma’s house for Christmas via plane!

  11. I just love the Trunki Sunny(orange tiger). Have a little boy here who would adore it!! My problem is having 4 kids ages 4 and under. I’m thinking I’m going to have to get one for each!! I’m so glad there are different colors…I’d have to go with Terrance(blue), Trixie(pink), and Iris(purple) along with Sunny(orange) to make everyone happy!! These are seriously adorable!!

  12. I love the pink one. I like this because every time we travel I have my 4 year old sit on my suit case so we can get through the airport in one peice. This would be a great investment in my home. You should see the looks some people give me. At least this is made for sitting. glad to see someone come out with this!

  13. I love that the Trunki is not only functional, but would double as an entertainment piece for my daughter when we make the trek from Alaska to Kansas and back a few times a year. The Trunki Iris would fit her perfectly!

  14. My youngest three would love these! We move around so much due the military and I know this would help them get excited about our next duty assignment.

  15. I think I like green the best but my little princess would love PINK! We travel regularly to our in-laws who live in Seattle. (We live in California) My little princess would love to carry her toys and make-ups (she’s only 4) in that pink Trunki with the saddle bag! She loves to play horse and loves small bags and purses. It’s just too perfect for her! Thanks for the great link!

  16. A toy that doubles as storage … an awesome idea! My daughter would love the red one since red is her favorite kind of color.

  17. I love the jade color and think this could make airport travel easy! Love the idea of being able to pull my little guy with his own luggage.

  18. I can’t decide if I like the orange better or the red – they’re both super cute! Although my son is older than the age this is designed for, I know he would LOVE it – he has autism and is really into riding around on anything that has wheels. (Like, the shop vac, for example.)

  19. I saw the Trunkis at a Children’s Museum in Texas. They are excellent! I also looked at all of the options on the Melissa and Doug site. My daughter is very into ladybugs so the definite favorite is Ruby! Our favorite feature of the Trunki is its versatility. We love that it can be used in several different ways.

  20. I also subscribed to your newsletter and I am excited to see my first issue. I am always looking for projects to do with my daughter – Thanks!

  21. I love the red one as my son is really interested in ladybugs and would love to decorate it as such. He always carries around a few of his toys from place to place and would love to have this- his own little storage that travels with AND he can ride on. Cute idea!!

  22. I like the versatality of the trunki by Melissa and Doug. It has many great options for kids creative play. I could see my preschool children working together to find many uses for this. The red one is adorable.

  23. I LOVE this. Totally perfect for traveling alone with my 3 year old since he isn’t a huge Gand of the stroller anymore. I like sunny and jade. Can’t decide which between those 2!! Love love love it!

  24. I love Melissa and Doug products! They’re so durable!! I think my favorite part about this product is that ALL my kids can use it! The little one can ride on it while it hides the older kids’ things inside! 🙂

    My favorite color is blue!

  25. They are all so cute, but I think the Ruby is my favorite. I love that it can be a ride on toy at home and that kids can get attached to it/comfortable with it, so that when you travel it’s a practical and fun way to transport your kids’ stuff and your kid, and it adds a sense of familiarity to what might be a scary experience (like flying).

  26. I know my kids would choose Ruby (red) so they can decorate it in their favorite UNLV colors red and black and take it with them to the basketball games. I can just see my 4 year old pulling her 2 year old and 6 month old brothers for rides! LOVE Melissa and Doug products!

  27. I am torn between the orange and red trunki – I love them both. I think this is a really unique idea – love Melissa & Doug!!

  28. I love the Red one with Black polka dots. I love the ladybug look. (I also love the Orange stripe one, for my son)
    I can see my kiddos riding on the Trunki’s up and down the hall loaded with their favorite treasures. I think it would be perfect to take on family trips as well.

    Cara Brandon

  29. i like the purple trunki 🙂 love that your kids can be creative and decorate it with the stickers

    thanks for great giveaway

  30. I love Melissa & Doug products! They make very cool stuff and it lasts with my 2 rambunctious toddlers! I vote for the purple Trunki, it’s a great color and I’m all about anything purple at the moment. My kids would love to hitch a ride on this baby!

    I already subscribe to your newsletter and you have great ideas to keep my kids happy. Thanks!

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