Peachy taste test and peach cobbler

I recently discovered 2 kinds of peaches, white and yellow. I never noticed there was an obvious difference, but since it’s peach season I had the opportunity to bring both home and have a taste test. When we finished with our tasting we made homemade peach cobbler, yum!

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White and yellow peaches
White and yellow peaches

Here’s some things we learned about white and yellow peaches:

  • Yellow peaches are a bit softer and sweeter than white peaches.
  • When comparing side-by-side, the yellow peaches really are yellow and the white peaches really do look white.
  • The white peaches are more crisp, cutting more like an apple and a little easier to get the seed out without a juice mess.
  • Both peach varieties are very yummy and great for snacking.
Peach Cobbler
Peach Cobbler

To make peach cobbler we decided to combine the two peaches. You’ll need peaches, sugar, flour, cinnamon, milk and water. Your preschooler can help stir the ingredients together and add the topping. Little hands can also help remove the pits from the peaches, although it can be a bit too slimy and difficult for some kids resulting in more frustration than fun. You can get the full peach cobbler recipe from

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