Food craft – fruit kabob

make a fruit kabob

Once again here is some play with your food fun. Grab some of the yummy fruit that is in season, some popsicle sticks and start making fruit kabobs. Preschoolers will have fun with hands on creation while they make their own delicious snacks. They can explore different textures and density. Which fruit slides on to … Read more

Peachy taste test and peach cobbler

White and yellow peaches

I recently discovered 2 kinds of peaches, white and yellow. I never noticed there was an obvious difference, but since it’s peach season I had the opportunity to bring both home and have a taste test. When we finished with our tasting we made homemade peach cobbler, yum! Here’s some things we learned about white … Read more

A is for happy apple coloring page

Happy apple coloring page by Jen Goode

A is for apple, even with a silly smiley worm. Here’s a cute coloring page featuring 3 apples (that bottom one is so cute!). You can use this free printable to talk about the letter A, work on colors (red, green and yellow) or talk about food and fruit. You could even print out this … Read more

Frozen grape pops

Frozen grape pops

Popsicles are a favorite summertime snack, but I’m always looking for a way to give my preschooler yummy treats that aren’t just sugar and water. Frozen grape pops are fun for little hands to make and even more fun to eat. All you need are some yummy grapes (reds taste better frozen than green) and … Read more